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The new ACT essay will provide prompts that go beyond typical teen issues to consider topics with broader scope. Students will be asked to make more nuanced arguments and consider more sides of the issue. ACT essay scores will include additional information including sub-scores for ideas and analysis, development and support of arguments, organization, and language use.

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Let's compile a list of ACT Essay Official Prompts released. They are not published, like SAT Essay prompts, but maybe some people could unearth some. I know the 5 in the red book, the official practice tests, etc.

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The NEW ACT essay prompt provides the thesis and examples for the students. To a significant degree, this new format has taken the “guesswork” out of how to structure the essay. The examples are now EMBEDDED IN THE PROMPT. So, there may be one less step for students to take during the 30 minutes they have to complete their writing.